Today’s India is witnessing fast growth leading to massive expansion of self-employment opportunities; says PM Modi

January 20, 2023 | 14:11:52

Says lakhs of employment opportunities have been created in the last eight years with a holistic approach to infrastructural development in the country.

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi distributed about 71,000 appointment letters to newly inducted recruits in Government departments and organisations via video conferencing. 

Addressing the gathering, the PM remarked that this is the first Rozgar Mela of 2023 which brings the precious gift of employment into the government fold for the 71,000 families. The PM congratulated the new appointees and noted that these employment opportunities will infuse a new ray of hope not just in the appointees but also among crores of families. 

PM Modi informed that lakhs of new families will get appointed to Government jobs in the days to come as Rozgar Melas are being organised regularly in NDA-ruled states and Union Territories. He informed that the Assam Government organised a Rozgar Mela only yesterday and states like Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Uttarakhand are going to organise it very soon. The PM said that “regular Rozgar Melas have become a mark of this government. They show that whatever resolution is taken by this government is realised.”

PM Modi said that he could clearly notice happiness and satisfaction on the faces of the new appointees and noted that most of these candidates come from ordinary backgrounds and many are the first to get a government job in five generations in their family. This, the PM said, goes beyond getting a government job. The candidates are happy that through a transparent and clear recruitment process, their talent has been recognized. “You must have felt a massive change in the recruitment process. In central jobs, the recruitment process has become more streamlined and time-bound,” he said.

The PM said that the transparency and speed of this recruitment process today characterise every aspect of the function of the government today. He recalled the time when even routine promotions were mired in delay and disputes. He said that this government has addressed such issues and ensured a transparent process. “Transparent recruitment and promotion generate trust among the youth,” he added.

Underlining that it is the beginning of a new journey for those who received their appointment letters, the PM highlighted the contributions and partnerships that they will make by being a part of the government machinery in the developmental journey of the nation. He noted that many new appointees will be interacting with the general public as direct representatives of the government and they will create an impact in their own ways. Drawing an analogy to the adage in the world of business and industry that the consumer is always right, the PM remarked that a similar mantra of ‘citizen is always right’ should be implemented in administration. “This gives rise to the feeling of service attitude and also strengthens it,” the PM added as he noted that when one gets appointed in the government fold, it is referred to as government service and not a job. He also highlighted the joy that can be experienced by servicing the 140 crore Indian citizens and said that it has a positive impact on the people. 

Referring to many government servants taking online courses on iGOT Karmyogi platform, he said that in addition to official training, this platform has many courses for personal development. He said that self-learning through technology is an opportunity for today’s generation. Shri Modi gave his own example and said that he has never allowed the student in him to die. “Attitude of self-learning will improve the capabilities of the learner, her institutions and also the capabilities of India,” he stressed.

PM Modi asserted “In rapidly changing India, opportunities for employment and self-employment are continuously improving. Fast growth leads to a massive expansion of self-employment opportunities. Today’s India is witnessing this.”

The PM informed that lakhs of employment opportunities have been created in the last eight years with a holistic approach to infrastructural development in the country. He gave the example of a hundred lakh crore investment in the infrastructure and emphasised how a newly built road gives rise to employment opportunities along the path. The Prime Minister mentioned that new markets emerge along the periphery of the new roads or railway lines and makes transportation of food grains from the farm to the field a lot easier while also giving rise to tourism. “All these possibilities gave rise to employment opportunities,” he added.

Referring to the Bharat-Net project of providing broadband connectivity in every village, the PM highlighted the new opportunities for employment when this connectivity takes place. Even those who are not too tech savvy, said the PM, understand its benefits. This has opened a new area of entrepreneurship by providing online services in villages. Shri Modi also noted the flourishing startup scene in tier 2 and tier 3 cities and said that this success has created a new identity for the youth in the world.

Lauding the journey and efforts of the appointees, he congratulated them for getting the opportunity to serve the people of the country and exhorted them to remember what brought them here and asked them to keep leaning and keep serving. “You have to learn and make yourself capable to take the country forward,” he concluded.