India and Qatar hold first meeting of Joint Task Force on Investment

June 07, 2024 | 17:26:16

Joint Task Force on investment has reaffirmed commitment of both the nations to strengthen bilateral relations.

NEW DELHI: In line with the vision of the leaderships of the Republic of India and the State of Qatar and with the objective of strengthening investment cooperation, the first meeting of the Joint Task Force on Investment (JTFI) between India and Qatar was convened in New Delhi.

The Joint Task Force was co-chaired by Ajay Seth, Secretary, Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Government of India, and Mohamed bin Hassen Al-Malki, Undersecretary of Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of the State of Qatar.

In the spirit of fostering mutual growth and prosperity, the Joint Task Force on investment has reaffirmed the commitment of both the Nations to strengthen bilateral relations and to leverage the collective potential for accelerated growth, investment opportunities and synergistic collaboration across diverse sectors ranging from infrastructure and energy to technology and innovation.

The JTFI has underscored the significance of the robust economic relationship between India and Qatar, rooted in shared values, common objectives, and a shared vision for inclusive development.